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DNA testing has exonerated 266 innocent people in the United States, including 17 who were on death row.

Nobody knows how many more innocent people remain behind bars in our country, or how many people were convicted this week, this month or this year of crimes they didn't commit based on unreliable forensic science or eyewitness misidentification.

The Innocence Project provides pro-bono post-conviction legal assistance to individuals that are seeking to prove their innocence with DNA testing and works to enact the reforms needed to protect innocent Americans from wrongful prosecution and incarceration.

With your support, the Innocence Project is fighting to overturn wrongful convictions and enacting reforms across the country based on the lessons of their work.

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I hope you will be as generous as possible. Your commitment to justice means the world to me and especially to the wrongfully convicted individuals seeking to prove their innocence.

Hilary Swank: Help Free the Innocent

Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank stars in the film "Conviction," which is based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters' two-decade fight to free her brother Kenny after he is convicted of a murder he didn't commit. The Innocence Project played a key role in exonerating Kenny Waters, and is working today to free countless innocent prisoners like him. Join Hilary Swank and thousands of people around the world in working to overturn injustice.


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Thu, Oct 31, 2013
My son frederick, has been accused of csc he didnot commit, we have all kinds of proof,his where abouts n witnesses.psycholgists review, the officer never read my son his miranda rights, he was interogated for over 2hrs n the door was locked behind him ,at a fire department building, never told he could have a lawyer present, never was free to go to the bathroom, no miranda rights to him he was bullied for this officer n the officer told him what to say word for word to put down on paper n that if he didnt he would go to jail, his own lawyer made him take the plea cause he told him if he didnt he would drop his case, they made him do all kinds of lies, my son has a disablies ADHD, EI, LD, PSTD, N HAD A CLOSE HEAD INJURY from an accident, hes had storkes n Iam afried for him going in a place he doesnt belong will make his health go even worse he doesnt understand these laws n is very very scared, While the real person you did the crime gets to run around free, The state n government needs to stop all these women n young girls who lie to get revense n their real mothers who help them to lie just so the mother can lie n promiss house, money, food, clothes then after the inscent person gets put away they then take away all the stuff the real mother promiss , Someone needs to help free these innocence dudes which seems to be alot of guys going away, guys need help in fighting for their rights n I strongley believe that all the inncence people in prison would save the government more money by investing these small towns, court houses n procusing lawyers n judges who all lie just to make more money off an innocence person is TOTALLY WRONG I WILL FIGHT FOR MY SONS FREEDOM N HELP IF I CAN FOR SOME ELSES . Their should be a law against putting falsely accused people in prison. who are also ADHD, EI, LD, PSTD, TO ME THIS IS DISCRIMATIONS... i WANT TO SEE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO DID NOT DO THE CRIME N CAN PROVE IT, SET FREE N THAT IS WITHOUT DNA OR WITH THE DNA, alot of people dont have issues for DNA but the courts that ALL LIE N COVER UP THEIR STORYS NEEDS TO BE OUT OF A JOB N NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON N JAIL, least then we will all know whos really lieing n keeping the true from the law n whos all really telling the truth..........Please help set my son free from falsely accused liers,!!!!

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